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About me

I am a Law professor at Utrecht University, specialized in the sociology of human rights, and served as UCRs Dean from 2012 – 2016. University Colleges like UCR are generally considered a ground-breaking innovation in education, and we moved to Middelburg to be part of it just after it started. To me, a liberal education opens the mind, forms public intellectuals, and is about responsibilities as well as rights. As a Law professor, I enjoy introducing students to the details and the importance of Constitutional and Administrative law and International Human Rights Law. As a professor of Rhetoric & Argumentation, I love seeing how ancient insights in this field empower contemporary students and help them find their voice. As an internationally active academic, I am committed to involving students in my award-winning project Cities of Refuge, and seeing them grow as young scholars.

Undergraduate research

As many UCR instructors, Barbara Oomen often conducts research together with students. Some of the outcomes of this research are:  

  • Van Aarsen, J., Bártolo, F. R., Bentata, M., Berends, C., Danielsson, Y., Driece, N., … & van Herk, F. (2013). Human Rights Cities: Motivation, Mechanisms, Implications.
  • Oomen, B., Guijt, J., Meijvogel, I., Ploeg, M., & Rijke, N. (2009). Recht op verschil? Percepties en effecten van de implementatie van gelijkebehandelingswetgeving onder orthodox-protestanten in Nederland.
  • Baumgartel, M., Bezuijen, J., Jongsma, H., Krabbendam, H., Krikhaar, M., Lankrijer, R., Likoka-Fanande, G., Oomen, B., Rrustemi, A., Snegovics, A., & Verhoeks, N. (2008). Voices heard, voices silent: critial reflections on the process and the product of the formulation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Sample publications

Barbara Oomen publishes on different topics, like human rights cities, the sociology of human rights, human rights education and higher education in general. This is a sample of these publications, for a full overview see the Utrecht site and consult the research sites above.

Human rights cities

  • Oomen, B, M. Davis & M. Grigolo (2016). Global urban justice: the rise of human rights cities. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Draft intro on SSRN)
  • Oomen, B. & Baumgartel, M. (2014). Human Rights Cities. In A. Mihr & M. (Eds.), The Sage Handbook of Human Rights (pp.709-730). Sage: London
  • Policy report in DutchOomen, B. & van den Berg, E (2014). Mensenrechten en lokaal beleid: handreiking voor beleidsmakers. Den Haag: Platform 31. 
  • Result of UCR undergraduate project: Van Aarsen, J. a.o. (2013), Human Rights Cities: Motivations, Mechanisms, Implications, Middelburg: UCR.
  • Presentation on local human rights in Dutch: Youtube UU Studium Generale

Sociology of human rights

  • Oomen, B. (2016). A serious case of Strasbourg-bashing? An evaluation of the debates on the legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights in the Netherlands. International Journal of Human Rights, 20 (2), 407-425. (draft on SSRN)
  • Oomen, B. (2014). The Rights of Others: The slow home-coming of human rights in the Netherlands. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press
  • Oomen, B. (2014). The application of socio-legal theories of legal pluralism to understanding the implementation and integration of human rights law. European Journal of Human Rights Law/Journal européen des droits de l’homme, 2014(4), 471-495.
  • Oomen, B. (2011). Between Rights talk and Bible speak: The implementation of equal treatment legislation in orthodox reformed communities in the Netherlands. Human Rights Quarterly, 33, 1, February 2011, 175-200. (See SSRN)
  • Oomen, B. “Donor-driven Justice: The case of Rwanda”, Development & Change 36, no. 5 (2005): 887-910.
  • Oomen, B., 2005. Chiefs in South Africa: Law, Power and Culture in the Post-Apartheid era. Oxford and New York, James Currey & Palgrave MacMillan, 2006.

Human rights education and Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Oomen, B. (2016). Orchestrating encounters: teaching law at a liberal arts and sciences college in the Netherlands. In B. van Klink & U. de Vries (eds.). Academic Learning in Law: Theoretical Positions, Teaching Experiments and Learning Experiences (pp. 201-222). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing. (Draft in SSRN)
  • Friedman, J., V. Haverkate, B. Oomen, E. Park & M. Sklad (2015), Going Glocal: the theory, practice and measurement of education for global citizenship at university. Middelburg: De Drukkerij.
  • Oomen, B. (2012), ‘De  nieuwe student is een alleskunner’, Op-ed NRC Handelsblad  29 March 2012
  • Oomen, Barbara, and Marloes Vrolijk. 2010. Inspiratie voor mensenrechteneducatie: Democratisch burgerschap en mensenrechten in het (burgerschapsonderwijs). 50th ed. Leiden: Stichting NJCM-Boekerij
  • Tak, Herman & Barbara Oomen,( 2012), De disciplines voorbij: De colleges van Hans Adriaansens​