Study support


Every student has a personal tutor, a professor who is the first person you contact in case there are problems and who can refer you for further help. Your tutor also helps you make decisions about courses, so you can create the best academic program for your future.


Study Skills, Planning & Writing Assistance

If you run into issues of a practical nature, such as procrastination, difficulties in writing papers or planning your work, workshops, lunch sessions and individual coaching are being offered to UCR students. Students at UCR can check out the upcoming workshops on

For individual help, you can make an appointment with Christine Crommelin about any problems you have with planning, organizing your study and finding a balance in your daily life.

You can contact Christine Leedy for a writing consultation or about general questions related to studying efficiently.

Graduation 2019 UCR teacher smiling

Career Services

The Academic Affairs Council publishes a guide for graduate schools and internships.

Students can also make use of Utrecht University’s Career Services.

You can get some more insights in what our Alumni are up to on our LinkedIn.