Tasks and Election Procedure

The Academic Affairs Council (AAC) has a dual purpose. They participate in co-governance in three different boards at UCR and they inform and represent students regarding all academic matters.

Three members of the AAC (Internal Officer, External Officer, and Treasurer) represent students in the UCR Council, which has the right of approval concerning the format of the organization, the strategic plan, academic rules and procedures, the quality assurance system, and labor conditions, and right of advice over facilities and budget. You can find more information about the Council here. Three other members of the AAC (Secretary, Student Advisor, Content Manager) represent students in the Program Committee, which monitor the quality of education. You can find more about the Program Committee here. Finally, the Chair represents students in the Board of Studies, which is responsible for the quality of teaching and learning. You can find out more about the Board of Studies here.

The AAC Board members are elected by the student body during the annual Election General Assembly. Students can sign up to run for one of seven positions, and if elected, they keep the position for a full academic year (September 1 until August 31).

The AAC Board of 2019 - 2020

From left to right:

Student Advisor – Sofie Glazemakers

Content Manager – Fleur Vermeer

Chair – Ariel Teo

Secretary – Dana Zoutman

Treasurer – Puck Quarles van Ufford

External Officer – JoĆ«lle Stocker

Internal Officer – Katariina Lampi