Going on Exchange Elsewhere

If you want to broaden your academic horizon even further by studying something that is not offered at UCR, or if you want to experience the culture at a different institute, you can choose to go on Exchange. Since UCR is part of Utrecht University, students going on exchange can choose one of UCR’s own programs or join one of many worldwide exchange programs that Utrecht University offers.

Students from UCR have studied and traveled to Australia, Canada, Japan, France and beyond. Yet, outstanding programs are also offered closer to UCR, such as in Eindhoven (the Netherlands).

You can only go on exchange in your fourth or in your fifth semester. In order to realize this exciting opportunity, you will have a significant number of arrangements to make. This means you can, and should, already start dreaming and thinking about where you want to go in your first year!

Exchange Application Procedure

Though you will learn more about arranging an exchange once you become a student at UCR, you should already start thinking about if and when you would like to go. First and foremost, you need to keep a good academic standing throughout your exchange application procedure – a minimum of a 3.0 GPA is required.

Furthermore, application deadlines are sooner than you may expect. The deadline for UCR’s approval of exchange is about a year in advance, so if you want to go on exchange in your fourth semester, you need to apply during your second semester. The UU deadline for all exchange programs is already on December 1, so prepare in advance. Also do keep in mind that some exchange locations may have earlier application deadlines.

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Going on Exchange to UCR

Is your home university an exchange partner of University College Roosevelt, University College Utrecht, or Utrecht University?  If so, you can study at UCR for one semester in the Fall or Spring.  All other students can attend UCR has a visiting student. Explore what to expect from UCR using the student guide and browse our website.  If you have any questions or need further assistance, please get in touch with the exchange coordinator at exchange@ucr.nl.