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I obtained my doctorate at Wageningen University on a study on the statistical thermodynamics of fluids with orientation-dependent intermolecular interactions. After that I worked for a few years in industry (Akzo-Nobel central research). This experience convinced me that I preferred an academic workplace over industry, so I accepted a postdoc position at the University of Hull (UK). I came back to the Netherlands for a KNAW research fellowship, to work at the lab of Physical Chemistry and Colloid Science at Wageningen University, and later got an assistant professorship there. Before coming to UCR in 2020 I was an associate professor at Delft University for about ten years. My main expertise is in the physics and physical chemistry (including statistical thermodynamics and rheology) of what is called ‘soft matter’ or ‘complex fluids’. This includes colloidal systems, complex solutions including e.g. macromolecules, polyelectrolytes and/or surfactants. Such systems are omnipresent and occur in e.g. food, cosmetics and paint. Next to science I have an interest in philosophy. As a student of Molecular Sciences, I took several courses in philosophy, and I have continued reading philosophy since. After working for many years at ‘normal’ universities (of technology), I have high expectations of experiencing the culture of a Liberal Arts and Sciences college.

Selected Publications

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