Counselor and Psychologist

If you run into issues of a more personal nature, that you would like to share with a professional in confidence, Karen van den Berg is here for you as part of the on-campus support.  If you are struggling with a decision you need to make, feeling down, stressed, or overwhelmed, while at UCR then you are welcome to make contact. Karen van den Berg can refer you to the student  psychologist, Huibrecht Boluijt, for short term support if needed.

Picture from left to right: Christine Crommelin, Christine Leedy and Karen van den Berg

Caring University

We are part of Caring Universities, an initiative that  aims to improve the psychological well-being of students. You may use this initiative by completing an online questionnaire. We’ll then extract insights from your responses to offer you personalized advice on improving your mental health. If you’d like, you may also enrol on a free online program, aimed at improving your mood and/or reducing your stress. The questionnaire takes about 25 minutes to complete and can be paused at any time. It contains questions about psychological problems (such as depression and anxiety), but also matters such as personality and daily routines. Due to the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, questions about its impact have also been added. For more information, visit Caring Universities.

Well-being Team

This is a faculty and staff team combining different perspectives and areas of expertise. The Well-being Team raises awareness and organizes workshops and activities in support of student health and well-being. This includes coordinating with the student community, mainly through AAC’s Mental Health Team and the Oak Tree student initiative.

Workshop topics range from academic to other personal development skills (i.e. Study Skills, Managing Stress, Personality/Leaning Style, Mindfulness, and Communicating Boundaries).

Activities range from providing lunchtime meditation sessions to organizing get-away beach walks, awareness campaigns such as on ‘consent’, or ensuring that information is readily available for students so that they know where to go for what help.

The Well-being Team can be contacted at The members include: