At UCR, we offer a broad program that gives students the freedom to pursue any interest they may have, with a foundation in academic skills such as doing research and writing papers. The professors have a great passion for undergraduate teaching and are dedicated to making your studies an intellectual and social adventure. Professors are dedicated to UCR, they are easily approachable after class, and provide you with thorough feedback on your work. With a maximum of 25 students in a course, every class is small and encourages interaction. UCR also uses continuous assessment, meaning that you will be handing in assignments, giving presentations, writing essays, or participating in student-led class discussions throughout the semester. You are encouraged to speak up in class, to think for yourself, and to engage in individual research.

Faculty have freedom in their teaching and therefore you will encounter many different types of classes. One week, you may be analyzing a case study or having a debate, the other you will be listening to a guest lecture or peer-reviewing your classmate’s essay draft. This allows approaching subjects from different perspectives, and gives professors the opportunity to keep improving and changing their way of teaching.

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.
Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

Designing Your Own Curriculum

No student has followed the exact same educational path at University College Roosevelt. This is because the college allows you to design your own curriculum, with a few requirements and rules that exist to form you into the most skilled and experienced student you can be. To further help you make sensible choices, you are assigned a Tutor, a Faculty member who will assist you in choosing courses for the next semester, check in to see if you are doing well, and discuss your future plans with you.



Your UCR in three main stages



The first year is all about exploring. You will be busy with your orientation; figuring out what it is that you want to do. You will mainly take introductory courses and need to take an introduction in Methods & Statistics and an introduction in Academic Writing & Presenting.


At the start of your second year, you declare the Major in which you will take the majority of your courses. By then, you have mostly figured out what topics suit you best, so you go further in depth in those, taking intermediate and advanced courses. In your third semester, you will reflect on your time so far and make plans for your future.


In your third year, you will start preparing for your future after UCR. You will look at Master Programs in the Netherlands and abroad, picking the courses that will make your program fit those futures the best. You will also work on your Senior Project, combining research skills and your interests in one project.