The Center started its operations in January 2022. Its mission is to promote data literacy across the curriculum at UCR and beyond. The Center’s activities facilitate the integration of data-related work in course assignments, internships, and student and faculty research.

Alexei Karas directs the Center. Ernestine Lahey oversees the Center’s involvement in Arts & Humanities courses. They are supported by undergraduate fellows and work together with faculty fellows who integrate data encounters into their courses. For more information please visit our website, email us at, or visit us in office A1.30 during office hours (Wednesday 15:00-19:00).

List of faculty fellows:

List of graduate fellows:

List of undergraduate fellows:

  • Lina Groß (Cognitive Science)
  • Jennifer Lee (Environmental Science)
  • Jochem Pannekoek (Linguistics)
  • Sophie Schenkel (Political Science)