Tasks and Election Procedure

Roosevelt’s All Student Association (RASA) is, as the name suggests, a student association that is open to all students of University College Roosevelt, and is the main Board overseeing all social activities that take place at UCR. They are the umbrella organization of many different societies and teams (see their website for an overview of all committees). These committees are fully student organized and allow for a vibrant social life in Middelburg. RASA also organizes the Orientation period together with UCR and assists in large events such as Convocation and Graduation.

The RASA Board exists of six members that are annually elected by the student body during the Election General Assembly. Students can sign up to run for one of six positions voluntarily, and if elected, they keep the position for a full academic year (September 1 until August 31). RASA’s Daily Board consists of a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, who have a reduced study load to run RASA. The Daily Board is supported by three Committee Affairs Officers (CAO), who each are in charge and support a third of all committees available at UCR. They make sure plenty of events are being organized, and the societies and teams are on track with their goals.

The RASA Board of 2022 - 2023

From left to right:

Chair – Imke Houben
Committee Affairs Officer – Rana Elsayed
Treasurer – Ruben Dielessen
Committee Affairs Officer – Noémi Versluijs
Secretary – Elise Luijten
Committee Affairs Officer – Eelke Spijkers