Your donation allows talented students from diverse backgrounds to develop into the leaders of tomorrow at UCR. Sponsorships come in many shapes and varieties and we gladly discuss the options with you personally to find a suitable arrangement. From a table at our annual fundraising dinner to scholarship arrangements or donations in kind, and from individual to corporate agreements.

The Foundation strives to involve its Friends into the bustling life of UCR in several ways:

  • By offering ways to participate in the academic, social and/or cultural events organized bi-annually for the Friends of UCR;
  • By offering access to the annual Convocation ceremony late August/early September and the Dies Natalis, which is celebrated in January every five years;
  • By inviting our Friends to join in on special UCR activities and guest lectures

Join the Friends of UCR!

Choose one of our sponsor packages or just decide on a different periodic donation.

ANBI Status

The ANBI status is a special status that organisations and institutions can apply for when their main goal is to contribute to the common good. This status means that donations given to the Friends of UCR can be deducted from income and corporate income tax, provided they are properly registered contractually. Are you interested in donating and would you like to discuss the possibilities with us personally? Contact us