UCR Council is UCR’s parliament. It stands for the interests of all students, faculty and staff members of our community. Council discusses UCR’s comprehensive policy development regarding the educational program and its support structures, research, finances, human resources, facilities, and communication and recruitment with the Executive Board. Council has a right of approval for the yearly budget.

The Council is made up of six members: a student section of three members and an employee section of three members. The employee section also constitutes UCR’s Employee Council.

UCR Council meets with the Executive Board five times per year in meetings open to the public. Each meeting is preceded by a closed pre-meeting.  The Council year planning and agendas for individual meetings can be consulted on the Council’s Moodle pages. Minutes are published there as well.

Current members of the UCR Council are:

Employee members: dr. Hans Bloemsma, drs. Marieke van de Laar, dr. Herman Lelieveldt
Student members:  Marre Raymakers, Tina Rozsos, Maaike van ‘t Spijker
Contact: ucrcouncilstudentrepresentative@ucr.nl and ucrcouncilpersonnelrepresentatives@ucr.nl