The Program Committee has both Faculty and student members and guards the quality of UCR’s curriculum. It identifies possible shortcomings or points of improvement and advises the Board of Studies on the development and execution of policies. The Program committee has a threefold task:

  • Advise the Board of Studies on the yearly formulation of UCR’s rules and regulations
  • Evaluate the execution of these rules and regulations every year
  • Advise the Board of Studies and the Dean on all matters regarding education in the UCR organization

The Dutch Law on Higher Education requires that Board of Studies and Program Committee regularly discuss the state of affairs in the educational program; that the Committee should have the opportunity to deliberate with the Board of Studies before it advises the Board, and that the Board of Studies swiftly informs the Program Committee, in writing, of the manner in which the Committee’s advice will be taken into account.

Current members of the Program Committee are:

Employee members: dr. Theresa Dinse (Chair), dr. Tobias van Gent
Student members: Madeline Edgar, Yuvana Sahi
Contact at: