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About me

I work at University College Roosevelt as Assistant Professor French Language, Culture, and Literature, since 2013. I got my ‘first degree’ teaching diploma in 2005 and I finished my Ph.D. research (NWO 2014) in the field of French-Persian Literature at the university of Leiden. In 2018 I published (Brill/2018) my book: La littérature transculturelle franco-persane. Une evolution littéraire depuis les années 80. My personal life and my literary works are related to interculturality in literary creations. I was born in Iran, grew up in France and lived in the Netherlands for many years, which opened up for me the horizon of several languages and cultures and the meaning of transcultural identities. I have taught for many years with great interest and pleasure at the University of Leiden and at UCR where I had great opportunities to give lectures and do research with students based on various fields like: “La femme et l’islamisme”, “ La notion et les figures de l’exil à travers la literature”, or “Sur les traces de Victor Hugo en Zélande”.


  • (2012) Ph.D, NWO Research project “Transcultural creations in French-Persian literature after 1980”, Leiden University.
  • (2006) ILO (Instituut voor Lerarenopleiding) First degree teacher French, Amsterdam.
  • (2005) M.A. Franse Taal en Cultuur, Leiden University.
  • (2000) M.A. Arts and Technologies of Images, University Paris VIII.
  • (1998) Propedeuse, Philosophy, University Paris XVIII.
  • (1996) Graduate, Philosophy en Mathematic, Paris (Creteil).
  • (1995) Training, Film analyse en critic, with Jean Douchet, Paris.

Professional career

  • (2008-2012) Teacher French, “The Method of Dissertation” (STV1&2), Leiden University.
  • (2007-2008) Teacher French, Jan Van Egmond college (Havo/Vwo), Purmerend.
  • (2005-2007) Teacher French, St. Michael college (Havo/Vwo), Zaanse Schans.
  • (2005-2006) Theatre Project (in French), St. Michael college (5Vwo), Zaanse Schans.
  • (2004-2005) Teacher French, TaalParaat (language institution), Rotterdam.
  • (2002-2003) Graphics designer and 3D animator, MCW Studio’s, Rotterdam.
  • (2000-2002) Graphics designer and 3D animator, XD Production, Paris.

Memberships, organizations, presentations

  • Editorial member of literary review RELIEF (2009-2012).
  • Organisation and interview of French-Persian writers, in cooperation with Margot Dijkgraaf, Maison Descartes, (Amsterdam; Apr. 2012).
  • Reading and interview “Ecriture franco-persane”, with Atiq Rahimi (Goncourt prize 2008) and Nahal Tajadod, at Leiden University (Apr. 2012).
  • Cinemaclub, films and critic, Leiden University (2008-2012).
  • Reading “Journée de la Francophonie : “Quand le sud rencontre le Nord”, Centre Culturel Français, Rijks University, Groningen (2011).
  • Reading, “The Persian Muse, Persian Poetry Evening”, Leiden University (2010-11).
  • Reading, literary book presentation, Da Vinci college (Leiden. 2008-2012).


  • E. Daneshvar (2016) “On Oral and Poetic Transculturalism in Franco-Persian Novels.” International Journal of Persian Literature, vol. 1, no. 1,  pp. 164–185. JSTOR,
  • E. Daneshvar (2012) “Vestiges of the Iranian revolution in contemporary French-Persian literature”; article in the review FRAME.
  • E. Daneshvar (2012) “Rire, un passeport pour fuir l’exil: Le récit d’un exil ironique”; article in the review RELIEF.
  • E. Daneshvar (2011)    “Nostalgie, temps et espace dans La maison de Shemiran de Goli Taraghi”; article in the review NEOPHILOLOGUS.

Art and Theater

  • (2011-2012) St. Lazare troupe, played in “Boeing Boeing” (Marc Camolletti); participation in7th Edition of festival theatre of Fez (Fez, Marko), Utrecht (Laak Theatre), Den Haag (l’Alliance française), Leiden (Lak Theatre).
  • (2010-2011) St. Lazare troupe, participation in theatre festival of Nancy (France); played in “Un petit jeu sans consequence” (Jean Dell et Gérald Sibleyras), Utrecht, Leiden.
  • (2010-2010) Played in “Candide” (Voltaire), LAKtheater, Leiden.
  • (1994-1996) Illustrations for literary en philosophy reviews Noghteh and Res publica, (Paris).