Philosophy or physics? Medicine or mathematics? Law or a language? One of the distinguishing features of a Liberal Arts and Sciences program is that you can combine these. The Liberal Arts and Sciences educational concept is based upon the idea that today’s most complex problems can no longer be solved with a mono-disciplinary approach. This is the ‘opening of the mind’ the founding fathers of the Artes Liberales had in mind. Our program allows students to find a bachelor’s program that suits all of their interests. You can construct your own academic program, tailor-made to your individual interests. In doing so, the program prepares you for a world whose demands and challenges will grow more complex each year, while optimally preparing you for the master’s program or the job of your choice.

UCR students studying in Elliott

Generally, students focus on two to three related fields of study, resulting in combinations such as Politics, Law, and Economics (major: Social Sciences); History, Literature, and Antiquity (major: Arts & Humanities); or Earth & Environmental Science and Biology (major: Science). We have also seen interdepartmental combinations such as Mathematics and Music; Anthropology, Law and Life Science; and Literature and Cognitive Science.

One of the distinguishing features of UCR is our emphasis on undergraduate research. Since we believe that studying is essentially about asking the right questions and having the methodological tools to answer them, all our students take mandatory courses in research methodology. Moreover, students will be involved in research projects from their first semester onwards. Many of our students have conducted original research, together with their professors, and presented the results at conferences or in academic journals.