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About me

I am Professor in the Biomedical and Life Sciences at UCR and coordinator of the premedical program. I am a biologist who studied in Wageningen, did my thesis work on the immune system of fish and afterwards started working as a medical immunologist in the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital in Utrecht and a number of other places. I came to UCR to teach gifted international students and prepare them for future careers in bio-medicine or anywhere else. In my research I focus on the interaction between bacteria and the human immune system, but at the same try to incorporate the Liberal Arts and Sciences by also publishing on Bob Dylan and Jheronimus Bosch. My teaching activities are within the Biomedical and Life Sciences, but also include postgraduate courses and Kids Colleges for primary school children. I have written a textbook on Immunology (in Dutch) which, with a lot of help from UCR students, is being transferred into an international edition.

Selected publications


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(* UCR Student (co-)authors)