Application process

The short video below explains the application process. More detailed information, with step-by-step instructions, is listed below the video.

Forms to support your application

Please note the following

UCR is a small university and with that comes a small admissions team. This means that the complete application process may take up to two months, from you registering in Studielink and submitting your complete application to the final decision.

UCR communicates with applicants via e-mail, so if you have not heard from us, make sure to check your spam folder. You may apply to UCR before receiving your diploma. This is fine, but please note that an invitation to study here is always conditional. Once you pass or complete your preceding studies, we can finalize your offer.

For questions, or if you did not pass the diploma you applied with, please contact the Admissions Office (

Cancelled application

UCR will cancel applications in the following circumstances:

  • The application deadline has passed and no completed application has been submitted by the prospective student after repeated reminders.
  • The prospective student was rejected.
  • The prospective student has not responded to an interview invitation or an offer after repeated reminders.

If you have questions about us cancelling your application, send an e-mail to