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About me

I have started to work at UCR in 2011 after a career in both academia and industry. I have studied Medical Biology at Utrecht University, with majors in Hematology and Immunology, followed by a Ph.D in Medical Sciences on a study about lung mast cells. I am also registered as Immunologist. Next, I moved to Belgium to work at the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Antwerp University. Here, I was involved in research, laboratory management, and student education. Main areas of interest were inflammatory processes in acute lung injury, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In industry, I was Study Director with PM Research Laboratories in Leuven for studies in the field of cigarette smoking and lung disease, followed by a short period as Scientific and Medical Writer in Waterloo, Belgium. I have participated in courses on Teaching Excellence and Honors Teaching and have obtained my Teaching Qualification

Selected publications

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