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About me

I am Assistant Professor of Law at UCR. I earned my Masters of Law degree in 1996 from Leiden University. I practiced law for over ten years at national and international organizations. I have taken positions as policy and legal officer at the Dutch government, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Council of Europe, specializing in human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, migrant workers protection and refugee law. I have taught various courses in law, human rights, gender, women’s rights, world religions and on (post)colonial India and Pakistan at various universities. My Ph.D dissertation The Arranged Marriage – changing perspectives on a marital institution focuses on understanding the arranged marriage. In addition, I am an established writer of fiction and non-fiction in the Dutch language. I have authored numerous books and articles on issues relating to multicultural societies, with a strong focus on women’s emancipation, gender equality and the rights of immigrant women.

Publications in Dutch

  • Tahir, N. Gesluierde Vrijheid (Veiled Freedoms) essays on human rights and Muslim women (2015, Prometheus)
  • Tahir, N. De Bruid (The Bride) novel on forced and arranged marriages of women with of Western-Pakistani origin (2011, The Geus).
  • Tahir, N. Groenkapje (Green ridinghood) – short stories on the multicultural society (2008, Meulenhoff)
  • Tahir, N. Eenzaam heden (The Solitude of the Present) – novel on immigration through the eyes of a child in London (2008, Prometheus)
  • Tahir, N. Kostbaar bezit (Prized Possession) – novel on the reproductive rights of women from Lahore (2006, Prometheus)
  • Tahir, N. Een moslima ontsluiert (A Muslim Woman Reveils) – essays on the interplay of religion and identity (2005, Houtekiet)

Publications in English

  • Tahir, N. Men? They have no roots – Essay on migration and loss of a homeland  (2009, IOM Netherlands Annual Report)