UCR Executive Board (Raad van Bestuur) is responsible for the college, its Utrecht University (UU) accredited academic program, its practical organization and business processes, and the legal entity: the Foundation University College Roosevelt. UCR’s Executive Board reports to UU’s Executive Board for academic quality, and to UCR’s Board of Trustees for both academic quality and management of the organization.

UCR Board has two members who are jointly responsible for all aspects of the college. The Dean is the chair of the Board, a full professor appointed by Utrecht University, with primary responsibility for the academic quality of UCR. The Managing Director focuses on the business processes and the organization of support structures within UCR. The current Managing Director is Etienne de Jager, MA.

The third member of UCR Board is the Student Assessor, who has an advisory role on all aspects of the college, with a special focus on student and academic affairs. The Student Assessor will be appointed on a one year term for the academic year.

UCR Board is supported by the secretary to the Board, Ms. Jeanette Gels. The secretary organizes and helps prepare Board meetings and meetings with UCR Council and the Board of Trustees. She plays an important role in seeing to the implementation of Board decisions, and is an important advisor to the Board.

At the secretary’s office, Ms. Sylvia Stuer serves as Personal Assistant to Dean and Managing Director.

To contact the UCR Board:
e: executiveboard@ucr.nl
t: +31 (0) 118 655 550