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About me

UCR has been my academic home almost since its opened its doors in 2004. This college is one of the few academic institutions that allows me to truly invest myself in teaching and constantly seek new ways to involve students in undergraduate research. As a result my didactic approach has now evolved in the direction of problem-focused teaching methods with a specific emphasis on the politics and policies of sustainability when it comes to our food system, climate and energy-provision. In the public policy course for example we explore the politics of sugar from a variety of angles: fair trade, the food vs fuel debate, the obesity crisis, its environmental impacts etc.

Key publications

  • Varieties of coal-fired power phase-out across Europe. Energy Policy. 132(C), 2019: 620-632 (with Gerrit Rentier and Gert Jan Kramer​).
  • Out of Tune or Well-Tempered? How competition agencies direct the orchestrating state. Regulation and Governance Online First (25 September 2018).
  • A biased rapporteur or politics as usual? Reassessing the balance of interests in the EU food information labelling case. Journal of European Public Policy  23 (2), 2016: 296-313. (With Anneloes Hoff and Ramon van der Does)
  • The Politics of the European Union (With Sebastiaan Princen). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (2015, Second Revised and Updated Edition).

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