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About me

At UCR I teach a wide range of courses in comparative politics, including EU politics and EU law with a dedicated focus on sustainability issues in the food-climate-energy system in the upper level courses. In the public policy course for example we explore the politics of sugar from a variety of angles: fair trade, the food vs fuel debate, the obesity crisis, its environmental impacts. My teaching methods are as interactive and student centered as possible, with little lecturing and a frequent use of problem based learning as a didactic approach. Much of my research also finds its way into publications for a general audience in newspapers and other outlets (see for a collection of these articles).

Recent publications

  • Where are the citizens? Unravelling the lopsided nature of stakeholder participation in the Dutch regional energy transition (With W. Schram), Energy Research and Social Science, (2023) 96
  • The Politics of the European Union (With Sebastiaan Princen). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (Forthcoming 2023, Third Revised and Updated Edition).
  • Food industry influence in collaborative governance: The case of the Dutch prevention agreement on overweight. Food Policy, (2023) 114
  • Institutional constellations and policy instruments for offshore wind power around the North sea (With G. Rentier and G.J. Kramer). Energy Policy, (2023) 173.

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