The Netherlands is a small country, sometimes referred to as Holland (which in reality only covers two of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands), and most people only know of Amsterdam. The country is known for its tall people who love cheese, wooden shoes, and windmills, and who own 1.3 bikes per person on average. The Netherlands is much more than that – for example, it is a great place for international students.

bicycle along the coast of vlissingen

Life in the Netherlands

Throughout Europe, many English-taught programs are on offer, but the Netherlands offers the most. Nearly all of the Dutch, 95%, speak English, making both your academic and social life a lot easier. This is mostly because there is such a large international community in the Netherlands, creating a diverse and inclusive society. The Dutch are generally open-minded and direct, making it easy for you to form connections with them. The Netherlands, in general, is a great place to live – it is one of the safest, happiest, and healthiest countries in the world with a high standard of living, as well as beautiful historic cities, great public transport, and easy connections to the rest of the world.

houseboats middelburg

Studying in the Netherlands

Career wise, the Netherlands is a great option. In terms of studying, Dutch tuition fees and costs of living are generally lower than in English-speaking countries, while the quality of education is exceptional and well-recognized. For international students, there are several scholarship possibilities. The Dutch education system focuses on interaction and skills such as analyzing, solving practical problems, and creative thinking. This fully prepares you for excellent career opportunities, both in other countries and in the Netherlands itself. There are many large multinationals based here, such as Philips, KLM, and Unilever, and the Dutch are leading in agriculture, water managements, and sustainable energy.