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About me

I graduated with honors from the University of Buenos Aires in 2003 and obtained my Ph.D. in Psychology in 2010 from UNSL, Argentina. My research on perinatal mental health and early childhood led me to receive several awards: 1st Argentinean Congress of Neonatology Award, by the Argentinean Society of Pediatrics, as well as the University of Buenos Aires-Faculty of Psychology Award in 2011 and 2015. In one of my recent researches I developed a psychometric instrument N-EOV-INC, which was published in a book in December 2017. Throughout my career I acquired diverse experience as an instructor, researcher and clinical psychologist in hospitals. It is a privilege to teach at an international and motivated environment like UCR, where the process of teaching and learning is enabled through a constructive, personalized and active interaction between students, instructors and concepts. I enjoy being able to walk together with the students this learning path that leads to creative and analytical thinking in the formation of future generations of professionals.