Tasks and Election Procedure

The Housing Affairs Council (HAC) is the connecting body between the students and the housing agency Villex. They ensure that students have a pleasant living experience, that any issues in the campus locations are resolved, and that the students can bond through social activities on campus. They also aim to connect students with the local community, for example by organizing the Christmas Market in Bagijnhof that is open to everyone and raises money for charity.

The Board exists of seven members, of which three members hold a general position (Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer), and four members each represent one of the campus locations (Bachtensteene, Bagijnhof, Koestraat, and Roggeveenhof) as their Campus Elder. These members are also elected during the Election General Assembly. The General Board is chosen by the whole student body, Campus Elders are elected by the students in their respective campus location. Students can sign up to run for one of seven positions voluntarily, and if elected, they keep the position for a full academic year (September 1 until August 31).

Housing Affairs Council

The HAC Board of 2020 - 2021

From left to right:

Treasurer – Martijn Filius
Chair – Suze van Gessel
Campus Elder Koestraat – Isabel Fuentes Fernandez
Campus Elder Bagijnhof – Julie Spiljard
Campus Elder Bachtensteene – Emma Kouwenberg
Secretary – Daantje van de Linde
Campus Elder Roggeveenhof – Marjolein Kik