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About me

I am an instructor in Methods and Statistics. I received my Master of Science in Sociology from Valdosta State University in 2004. Before joining UCR I worked as an evaluation researcher for various non-profit organizations in the United States of America. This research served to address community needs and improve the conditions of marginalized groups by providing agencies with quality information to inform their decisions about priorities, services, and resources that impact communities. The focus of this research was on early childhood learning and providing linkages to services and other sources of support for at-risk families.

Recent publications

De Jong, S., Donkersgoed, R. V., Renard, S., Carter, S., Bokern, H., Lysaker, P., … Pijnenborg, M. (2018). Social-cognitive risk factors for violence in psychosis: A discriminant function analysis. Psychiatry Research 265(April), 9399.