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Franklin 2.06

About me

I teach media and rhetoric and consider myself a generalist in the liberal arts. I give research talks and write about drama, film, and literature. I believe in the Renaissance Human: A moral, well-rounded individual with wide interests, humility, and perseverance. I teach young people the value of big questions and to “think like a mountain.” This means developing a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of everything, and it begins in the first week of the semester.

Anthologies, Books and Edited Volumes

  • Chad Weidner, ed. 2021. Keep on Rolling under the Stars: Green Readings of the Beat Generation. Vol. 10, Humanities. Open Access.
  • Chad Weidner, ed. 2020. Fractured Ecologies. Agger, Denmark: EyeCorner Press.
  • Chad Weidner. 2016. The Green Ghost: William Burroughs and the Ecological Mind. Carbondale Illinois: Southern Illinois University Press.
  • Chad Weidner and Polina Mackay, eds. 2013. “The Beat Generation and Europe.” Comparative American Studies 11.

Selected Papers

  • Chad Weidner. 2022. “Turning the Blue Key: Harold Norse, William Burroughs, and the Infinite Early Cut-up.” In Harold Norse: Poet Maverick, Gay Laureate, edited by Robert A. Lee and Douglas Field. Clemson South Carolina: Clemson University Press.
  • Chad Weidner, Rosi Braidotti, and Goda Klumbyte. 2021. “Per una progettazione dell’immaginario sociale.” In Environmental Humanities: Scienze Sociali, Politica, Ecologia, edited by Marco Armiero, Federica Giardini, Dario Gentili, Daniela Angelucci and Ilaria Bussoni, 47-69. Rome: DeriveApprodi.
  • Chad Weidner. 2021. “Reaching Towards the Light: Transitory Spaces and the Negated Material Body in Selected Texts by ruth weiss.” In Ruth Weiss: Beat Poetry, Jazz, Art, edited by Estíbaliz Encarnación-Pinedo and Thomas Antonic, 99-112. Berlin: De Gruyter.
  • Chad Weidner. 2020. “Fractured Ecologies: Deliberate Poetry as Ecological Survival Technique.” In Fractured Ecologies, edited by Chad Weidner, 17-37. Agger, Denmark: EyeCorner Press.
  • Chad Weidner. 2019. “The Glorious Plagiarism, Trash Aesthetics, and Ecological Entropy of Cryptic Cut-Ups from Minutes to Go.” Humanities 8 (2).
  • Chad Weidner. 2019. “Mutable Forms: The Proto-Ecology of William Burroughs’ Early Cut-Ups.” In William S. Burroughs Cutting Up the Century, edited by Joan Hawkins, Alex Wermer-Colan, Charles Cannon, Tony Brewer and Landon Palmer, 338-352. Indiana University Press.
  • Chad Weidner, Rosi Braidotti, and Goda Klumbyte. 2019. “The Emergent Environmental Humanities: Engineering the Social Imaginary.” Connotations – A Journal for Critical Debate 28: 1-25.
  • Polina Mackay and Chad Weidner. 2013. “The Beat Generation and Europe.” Comparative American Studies 11 (3): 221–226.
  • Chad Weidner. 2013. “Mutable Forms: The Proto-ecology of William Burroughs’ Early Cut-ups.” Comparative American Studies 11 (3): 314-326.
  • Chad Weidner. 2009. “Does Ecocriticism Really Matter? Exploring the Relevance of Green Cultural Studies.” In British and American Studies, 189-199.
  • Chad Weidner. 2008. “‘The Great God Pan is Dead!’ The Ecological Elegy of William Burroughs’ Ghost of Chance.” In British and American Studies Journal, 195-205.

Creative Publications

Chad’s poetry has appeared with the Camel Press, Chaffin Journal, Enigma, Eyecorner Press, Green’s Magazine, Illya’s Honey, the Plains Song Review, Poetry Motel, the Reynolds Review, San Diego Writer’s Monthly, the Salt Fork Review, Wavelength, and elsewhere. His most recent poetry anthology, Fractured Ecologies, explores experimental writing in an environmental context.