University College Roosevelt (UCR) is a leading Liberal Arts and Science (LAS) college that prepares students for ‘becoming the change they want to see’ in the world. We foster a transformative learning and working environment in which our students and faculty relate to the knowledge, insights, skills, partnerships, and interdisciplinary understanding they need to analyze and tackle the complex problems our world faces today and tomorrow. In this environment, our students go beyond themselves academically, in their personal lives, and as responsible global citizens. Our faculty and staff offer the supporting structures to make this a reality.

This page contains a living record of our approach to the strategic plan. New insights can require updates to strategic aims and methods and not all information here will directly correspond to the original published strategic plan.

Our strategic plan 2022-2027

UCR has a clear vision, we are committed to our mission, and we stand for our core values. Looking ahead, as a community, we share the responsibility to implement our strategic plan in making UCR a place where students and colleagues can become the change they want to see in the world. Our action plan and key objectives are summarized in the sections below. Students and colleagues can read our detailed strategic plan on the intranet.


Always curious, always learning and always innovating
UCR Executive Board