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About me

I have been teaching Religion and Philosophy (which I do within the Religion track) at University College Roosevelt for over ten years. I teach courses on World Religions, Eastern Religions and Philosophy of Religion. I love teaching at UCR: our students are great, and I very much value the cooperation with colleagues from other disciplines. On top of that, I very strongly believe in our teaching philosophy: go as broad as you possibly can as an undergraduate student, making sure you pursue several different interests rather than just one. My research interests are broad: I’m interested in everything from Buddhism to Hinduism to Islam to the Philosophy and Psychology of Religion. I’ve published extensively on the ideas of important thinkers about religion such as Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Ken Wilber. Apart from teaching courses in the Religion track, I also teach regular workshops on time management and productivity to UCR students. I blog about how students can be more productive and less stressed at, and have written a short book about effective time management techniques for students called Make Lists Not Fists.



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