Before we can formally welcome you to campus, there are several things you still need to arrange. We have compiled a booklet for you that tells you exactly what to do prior to and upon arrival at University College Roosevelt. Please read the information carefully and determine which sections apply to you. Do check back to this page regularly in case there are updates.

Further Registrations

Once you have been officially accepted to study at UCR, please remember to register at Villex​, as mentioned in the information you received after your acceptance. Next to that, complete your enrolment for which you will receive more information once you have accepted.

Also be aware that you need to have insurance!
Health Insurance is compulsory for everyone living in the Netherlands. 

You can watch a short clip here that explains more about insurance.

More information about necessary insurances

Important documents

Orientation at University College Roosevelt

From 21 August, 2020, new students in Fall 2020 will take part in an Orientation Program to become acquainted with the various aspects of studying in Middelburg.  Orientation is an important start to your time at UCR and we look forward to welcoming you on Friday 21 August, 2020!

To start your preparations for Orientation, make sure to read the letter from our Director of Education, dr. Anya Luscombe and follow the instructions.

The Orientation Schedule will be posted at least a week in advance.

The Student Councils and Organizations

During your time at UCR, you will encounter our four main student bodies. The first is the student association, Roosevelt’s All Students Association (RASA), who help to organize the Orientation and arranges fun activities throughout the year. Secondly, there is the Housing Affairs Council (HAC), which exists to make your life easier (really, that’s their motto!) when it comes to housing at UCR. Thirdly, there is the Academic Affairs Council (AAC), which represents all students on all academic matters, mediates between students and faculty, and handles students’ complaints. Finally, the Elliott board, who are in charge of the Common House Elliott.

Questions about mobile devices

During your preparations to start your studies at UCR, you may have questions about laptops and other mobile devices. Take a look at the FAQ for more information about specifications, when to use laptops and class and software.

FAQ Mobile Devices