University College Roosevelt (UCR) is a foundation that on the one hand is academically connected to Utrecht University, and on the other hand is a financially independent foundation. This special status requires UCR to publish certain information according to the ANBI requirements. This includes general data about the organization, remuneration of the board members (both Executive Board and Board of Trustees) and certain financial overviews regarding the foundation, e.g. the Year Report, which can be found below.

In UCR’s case this concerns both the Foundation University College Roosevelt and the separate foundation of the UCR Endowment Fund (SRAF). UCR is not required to publish the annual year report since the state funding runs via Utrecht University.

  1. General Statement ANBI UCR
  2. Financial Year Overview UCR
  3. WNT (Board and Board of Trustees) UCR
  4. General Statement ANBI SRAF (Endowment Fund UCR)
  5. Financial Year Overview SRAF


  1. Financial Year Overview UCR 2018
  2. Financial Year Overview SRAF 2018
  3. WNT (Board and Board of Trustees) UCR 2018