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About me

I am the Head of the Facilities, ICT & Procurement department, responsible for organizing facilities, housing and services that meet the requirements of students, faculty, and staff. To maintain and strengthen UCR’s top position, it is important that UCR invests in the quality of buildings and facilities on campus. The aim of the Facilities, ICT & Procurement department is to organize excellent service and business continuity in an efficient manner, in which education, research and knowledge transfer is optimally facilitated.
I have a Bachelor of Administration from Hotelschool The Hague Business school (1993). After working in Shangri-La and Forte hotels in Beijing and London I pursued my studies at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Business school where I obtained a Master degree in General Management (1994). After working for 5 years as a district manager in the multinational Vebego services, I turned to Facility management as facility manager for the Courts of Law, District Breda and ZorgSaam, Hospital, Elderly and Homecare in Zeeland.