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she/her Tel: +31 (0)118 655 500

About me

I graduated from UCR in 2022 with a major in Economics, Statistics and Data Science, and am currently an MPhil Economics student at Tinbergen Institute. I plan to pursue a PhD in the economics of education, with a focus on using data to evaluate and improve various aspects of (higher) education. I have also been the Data Manager of CORE Econ since 2021, where I am responsible for the data figures of multiple undergraduate economics textbooks.

As a graduate fellow for the UCR Data Center I maintain many of the overarching structures of the center (such as our website and Github repositories), supervise internships, and hold workshops on various topics related to data science. I believe that the ability to work with data is an advantage in all fields, so I am excited to contribute to incorporating more domain-specific applications of data science into the UCR curriculum.