Two students looking at a mock-museum with images of skulls

If you are interested in pursuing a career within medicine, but also want to look beyond that into other academic disciplines, the Pre-Med program is a great option. Pre-Med students combine the Biomedical and Life Sciences tracks, and incorporate them into the Liberal Arts and Sciences program that University College Roosevelt has to offer. Though it is not a specific training program, Pre-Med gives you the opportunity to study Medicine alongside Psychology, Law, Ethics, Computer Science, or even History. As a doctor, this could help you with developing a new drug while being aware of any ethical implications during the testing phase, or effectively delivering bad news by using techniques from psychology that may not be taught in regular training programs.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science from UCR, you may be able to continue in any (Dutch) medical Master program, assuming you perform well in entrance exams, interviews, and letters of reference and motivation. UCR prepares you for this if you take the set number of courses within Biomedical Science and Life Science, and write your Senior Project within the field of medicine.

For more information, contact or call at 0031 – (0)118 – 655 500.

Courses in the Pre-Medical Program

  • 100-level: Introduction to Life Science
  • 100-level: Introductory Science Laboratory
  • 200-level: Biochemistry
  • 200-level: Molecular Cell Biology
  • 200-level: Functional Anatomy
  • 200-level: Human Physiology


  • 200-level: Mechanisms of Disease
  • 200-level: Life Science Laboratory (recommended for SUMMA and AKO)
  • 300-level: Pharmacology
  • 300-level: Infection and Immunity
  • 300-level: Molecular Pathology and Genetics

Read more about these courses in the course descriptions.

Graduates on the Abbey square, one graduate is pointing their finger.

Alumni Destinations

Students from the Pre-Medical Program have gone on in many different directions, locations as well as topics. These are just a few of the programs they have chosen to pursue after their graduation from UCR:

  • Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA) – Utrecht University
  • Drug Innovation – Utrecht University
  • Arts-Klinisch Onderzoeker program (AKO) – Maastricht University
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Science – Leiden University
  • Molecular Medicine – Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • PhD Leukemia and Lymphoma Research – University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Graduate Course in Medicine – Cambridge University, UK
  • Biomedicine – Karolinska Institute, Sweden