Art & Design Practice

Do you want to pursue an academic career but still have the opportunity to express yourself in various art forms? Then the Art & Design Practice track could be perfect for you! The courses within this track allow you to develop conceptual and practical skills by combining studying art with creating art, but also by looking beyond art and design specifically. You can incorporate your experience in Anthropology, Earth Science, or Literature into your artworks, using different media and techniques to explore many different ideas within society. The skills you acquire during Art & Design Practice can be applied in a Master of Fine Arts, but they can also be applied elsewhere, as you learn to think and approach problems in new and unexpected ways.

Music Performing

University College Roosevelt is the only institution in continental Europe that offers English-taught Musicology courses as well as practical music training. Studying Music Performing at UCR gives you the unique opportunity to receive a Bachelor of Arts that allows you to continue your studies at a university or at a conservatory. To achieve the integration of history, theory, and performance of music, UCR offers courses in Music History, Music Theory, and Applied Music, and collaborates with several Dutch conservatories.

Music Performing at UCR includes a wide range of instruments and vocal techniques, from piano and guitar to organ and carillon, so you have a lot of freedom in determining your main instrument. You will also sing in the Roosevelt College Choir as part of your curriculum, and simultaneously expand your theoretical knowledge about music.

If you would like to receive more information, contact the Chair of Musicology and Music Performing Prof. Albert Clement at or 0031 – (0)118 – 655 500.

Pre-Medical Program

If you are interested in pursuing a career within medicine, but also want to look beyond that into other academic discipline, the Pre-Med program is a great option. Pre-Med students combine the Biomedical and Life Sciences tracks, and incorporate them into the Liberal Arts and Sciences program that University College Roosevelt has to offer. Though it is not a specific training program, Pre-Med gives you the opportunity to study Medicine alongside Psychology, Law, Ethics, Computer Science, or even History. As a doctor, this could help you with developing a new drug while being aware of any ethical implications during the testing phase, or effectively delivering bad news by using techniques from psychology that may not be taught in regular training programs.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science from UCR, you may be able to continue in any (Dutch) medical Master program, assuming you perform well in entrance exams, interviews, and letters of reference and motivation. UCR prepares you for this if you take the set number of courses within Biomedical Science and Life Science, and write your Senior Project within the field of medicine.

For more information, contact or call at 0031 – (0)118 – 655 500.