Liberal Arts and Science degree jobs

The internationally acknowledged Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree that University College Roosevelt provides, opens many doors. There is a great demand for professionals who can work in a multidisciplinary and multinational environment. Studying different disciplines at UCR will help you attain a myriad of  intercultural and interpersonal skills that are necessary to bring people from various backgrounds together in the workplace and come up with out of the box solutions.

A Liberal Arts and Science degree is not only a multidisciplinary degree. It is also a degree that is focused strongly on building and nurturing transferable skills. Whether it is critical thinking, research, concise writing, presenting proposals, problem solving or intercultural communication, these skills will be the assets that help you stand out.

Finally, at UCR you will make connections with classmates from all around the world that will last a life time. Similarly, you will have access to all those generations of UCR students who came before you through the alumni network.

Depending on your interests, focus and the Master’s program you choose, you have a wide range of career options. Our graduates work in business, journalism, government agencies, research institutes, social institutions, but also in education and other fields.

Each discipline actually gives you a particular framework for creativity, problem solving, communication and other skills that then can be applied to an endless range of career fields and jobs
Emily Griffen – director of the Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning
Graduation 2019 UCR

Liberal Arts and Sciences jobs

The career- and job possibilities are endless with the Liberal Arts and Sciences program. Below you will find a list of potential Liberal Arts and Sciences jobs you can end up in.

  • Archaeologist
  • Data analyst
  • Project manager
  • (junior) Researcher and/or PhD student
  • Policy advisor
  • Legal advisor
  • Field engineer
  • Financial advisor
  • Marketing manager
  • Legal counsel
  • Freelance filmmaker
  • Behavioral scientist
  • Doctor
  • Economist
  • Diplomat
  • HR advisor
  • Laboratory assistant

And many more.



Do you have broad interests and don’t want to limit yourself to just one area of expertise? Do you like discussions and debates and do you want to be challenged in an international environment? Liberal Arts and Sciences is for curious young people who want to develop themselves in multiple fields of study. Contact us for more information!