Bachelor of Arts and Science

Philosophy or Physics? Mechanical Engineering or Mathematics? Law or Linguistics? One of the distinguishing features of the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences program is that you can combine these. The Bachelor of Arts and Science involves the ability to create your very own undergraduate program. Whether you want to study Mathematics and Music; Anthropology, Law and Life Science; or Literature and Cognitive Science: interdepartmental combinations such as these are all possible and encouraged within the Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science.

Students in front of UCR

Multi-disciplinary approach

This educational concept is based upon the idea that today’s most complex problems can no longer be solved with a mono disciplinary approach. In order to solve societal problems, there is a need for people who can see beyond their own field of expertise. A combination of knowledge of different specialists ensures that the best ideas are developed. Our special program allows students to create a Bachelor’s program that suits all of their interests and passions.

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences at UCR

University College Roosevelt offers a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences program and is based on the American Liberal Arts and Sciences model. This means that as a student at UCR, you live and study together with other students from around the world on our international campus, located in Middelburg (Zeeland). With the Liberal Arts and Science bachelor program you can combine programs such as medicine and mathematics, philosophy and physics, law and a language or whatever combination of programs you would like to follow.

Undergraduate research

At UCR, we emphasize undergraduate research, as we believe that studying is all about asking the right questions as well as having the methodological tools to answer them. This is a distinguishing feature of UCR and all of our students take mandatory courses in research methodology. Additionally, students will be involved in research projects from their first semester onwards. Many of our former students have conducted original research, together with their professors, and presented the results at conferences or in academic journals.

Do you have broad interests and don’t want to limit yourself to just one area of expertise? Do you like discussions and debates and do you want to be challenged in an international environment? Liberal Arts and Sciences is for curious young people who want to develop themselves in multiple fields of study. Contact us for more information!