What is Liberal Arts

A Liberal Arts degree allows you to combine courses in Philosophy and Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, Law and Linguistics and more. The Liberal Arts concept is based on the idea that today’s most complex problems can no longer be solved with a mono disciplinary approach. The Liberal Arts program allows students to design their own tailor-made Bachelor’s program according to their unique interests. In addition to preparing you for the Master’s program or job of your choice, the program also prepares you for being able to solve complex challenges in the future.

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Liberal Arts definition

The phrase “Liberal Arts” derives from the Latin words ‘Liberales’ meaning ‘free’ and ‘Artes’ meaning ‘art or principled practice’. The program is a traditional academic program in Western higher education. A liberal arts education refers to that of a university education, rather than a practical course of study you can find in a vocational, professional or technical program.

Liberal Arts meaning at UCR

UCR offers a Liberal Arts program based on the American Liberal Arts and Sciences model. This means that as a student at UCR, you live and study together with other students from around the world on our international campus, located in Middelburg (Zeeland). With the Liberal Arts and Science Bachelor’s program you can combine courses in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, Philosophy and Physics, or Law and Linguistics. The possibilities are endless. Our program will prepare you for a world whose demands and challenges will grow more complex each year, while at the same time preparing you for the Master’s program of your choice.

Undergraduate research

At UCR, we emphasize undergraduate research. This is because we believe that studying is fundamentally about asking the right questions and having methodological tools to answer them. Therefore, all our students take mandatory courses in research methodology. Students will take part in research projects as early as their first semester. Former UCR students have conducted original research, together with their professors, and presented the results at conferences or in academic journals.

Do you have broad interests and don’t want to limit yourself to just one area of expertise? Do you like discussions and debates and do you want to be challenged in an international environment? Liberal Arts and Sciences is for curious young people who want to develop themselves in multiple fields of study. Contact us for more information!