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University College Roosevelt is the first institution in continental Europe that offers English-taught Musicology courses as well as practical music training. Studying Music Performing at UCR gives you the unique opportunity to receive a Bachelor of Arts that allows you to continue your studies at a university or at a conservatory. To achieve the integration of history, theory, and performance of music, UCR offers courses in Music History, Music Theory, and Applied Music, and collaborates with several Dutch conservatories.

Music Performing at UCR includes a wide range of instruments and vocal techniques, from piano and guitar to organ and carillon, so you have a lot of freedom in determining your main instrument. You will also sing in the Roosevelt College Choir as part of your curriculum, and simultaneously expand your theoretical knowledge about music. The program requires that students have lessons with UCR instructors or instructors of Conservatoires in e.g. Rotterdam or Tilburg. Performance classes are offered either at a Conservatoire or in Middelburg. Instruments taught in Middelburg include piano and organ; composition is also taught at UCR.

Students in Music Performance receive lessons weekly, i.e. 15 lessons per semester (in some cases other arrangements are possible). All students taking performance must write a Production Commentary, a weekly report of the preparation for and results of the lesson that week.

Students earn 7.5 EC for each music performance course (to a maximum of six course equivalents, i.e. 45 EC). Admission to the Music Performance track is dependent upon an audition (minimum required: grade 8 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, or an equivalent of this).

In order to be admitted to the Music Performance track, students have to express their interest to the chair of this Program (Prof. Clement). If application seems possible, an admission exam will follow. During the admission exam, musical and instrumental / vocal development will be tested in accordance with admission requirements of Dutch conservatories, e.g. Codarts. This will decide if a candidate will be admitted to the Performance track. Those with sufficient talent but not mastering the agreed entry standard for the Music Performance course yet may be admitted to an 0-level course (one semester only: preparatory route). They may at the same time benefit from the 100-level History and Theory Courses.

All courses in music history and music theory offered at UCR are compulsory. They provide the opportunity to gain indispensable background information, to develop academic skills, and to discuss performance issues. The Department and its students arrange performance opportunities, including lunchtime concerts.

If you would like to receive more information, contact the Chair of Musicology and Music Performing Prof. Albert Clement at or 0031 – (0)118 – 655 500.

Student experiences

I have played the piano since I was five years old and I always knew I wanted to dedicate my studies to music and piano. I find the music program of UCR very good because I can study music, practice piano, and take other courses in a completely different field all at once, which is not easy to find in other places. I get one piano lesson per week, and most of the work is done by practicing at home. During classes we review my work, correct any mistakes and share advice for the next lesson. I entered the Music Performing program with some difficulty because my technique was insufficient, but the piano and music professors at UCR still gave me a chance. My technique has improved incredibly fast thanks to them. After UCR I want to do a master in either Music Education or Music Therapy, combined with conservatory since I do not want to give up on piano.

Isabel Fuentes Fernandez (Class of 2021)

Courses in the Music Performing Program

Music Performing

  • Preparatory level: Preparatory Performing
  • Preparatory level:​ Preparatory Performing​
  • 100-level: Elementary Performing I
  • 100-level: Elementary Performing II
  • 200-level: Intermediate Performing I
  • 200-level: Intermediate Performing II
  • 300-level: Advanced Performing I
  • 300-level: Advanced Performing II
  • Choir course


  • 100-level: A History of Western Music
  • 100-level: Introduction to Music Theory
  • 200-level: Intermediate Music Theory
  • 200-level: Music in Context
  • 200-level: Performance Practice
  • 300-level: Case Studies in Music

Read more about these courses in the course descriptions.