Elliott is not just any student bar. It is a versatile place with a Mensa where you can get coffee, sandwiches, snacks, and sweets, where you can dance and drink the night away every Tuesday and Thursday, but also where you will have classes, study, and organize meetings. You may also find yourself there to participate in one of the many events as organized by RASA, or attend a General Assembly by one of the other Big Boards. Furthermore, it is the home of the Elliott fish.

Elliott is a social hub, a center for students to come together and develop themselves in both social and academic skills. Not only do we encourage students to share their thoughts, experiences, opinions, and knowledge, we also want students to feel comfortable enough to participate in banter, drunken conversations, and simple relaxation on one of the many couches. We stand for the intangible, non-graded aspects of education at a university, that can elevate your experience at school from good to amazing.

Unique about Elliott that it is not just a student board – it is an organization that is fully student run, and used. UCR does not own the building – in fact, they rent classrooms from the students running the Common House. This also makes Elliott a joint community project, with student volunteers manning the bars, pouring the drinks (and drinking them), decorating the building, serving sandwiches, frying fries, and giving feedback to the board. We assure you that this is handled most effectively, professionally, and responsibly, but we also rely on you to help us out.

If this has sparked your interest and you want to know more, you can visit our website or our Facebook  page. Should you be left with any more questions, feel free to contact us at elliott@ucr.nl.