You may have some preconceived notions about a student association – RASA is likely not that. As you enroll in UCR and pay your tuition fee, you are automatically a member of the association; and become a part of its diverse and active member base. RASA makes sure to meet your interests and provide you with a space where you can express them, and also allows for students to come up with their own initiatives and ideas. Furthermore, RASA offers organizational, promotional, and financial support to the committees to keep UCR the active and enthusiastic community that it is.

RASA is not just about the social life you may know from movies – next to parties, Open Mics, theater performances, and sports, you can also attend a guest lecture from a prominent academic, politician, or artist, you can participate in a debate, have philosophical discussions, or provide RASA with input on how they should spend their budget. You can become a board member of a smaller society, or even set up your own if you feel like something is missing – RASA is all yours. Check out the societies and teams here.

If you want to find out more about RASA; or want to get a better impression of the kinds of student initiatives we offer, you can take a look at our website or visit our Facebook  page. If you want to meet us in person, we have office hours during the week and always have a stand at the Open Days. Should you be left with any unanswered questions, contact us at We hope to welcome you as a RASA Viking very soon!