The HAC is an independent body that oversees all the campus locations and the students living there. With a daily board who takes care of all communication and finances, and four Campus Elders that put all their energy into making life at their respective campus location as enjoyable as possible, we try to ensure an optimal living environment while simultaneously respecting the Middelburg locals.


While we can answer all your housing related questions, we also help UCR students with any problems they may encounter on campus, such as mediating between you and your noisy neighbors or providing you with a screwdriver if your shelf has fallen down again. Furthermore, the HAC strives to make every student feel at home by making the campuses comfortable while also organizing social activities like breakfasts and parties.

On top of all of this, the HAC keeps in close contact with the neighbors to make sure they remain content with the students, in addition to organizing more communal events such as a Christmas Market. We do this to improve the relationship between students and neighbors, and give back to the city.

If you have any questions, visit our Facebook page  or contact us at