“Cheers!” we all called, raising our glasses to the grainy, happy faces of our new fellow board members in a celebratory Zoom call. This marks the start of a new era in our lives, one where we have an amazing opportunity to foster the legacy of Common House Elliott. 

It’s quite bittersweet to be elected in these strange times, of course. No proper festivities, no in-person transition, no clear idea of what the coming weeks might bring. However, we are so excited to embark on our board year regardless of what it may bring. 

As the next Chair of Elliott, I am grateful for all I am about to experience and to have Iris, Rebecca, and Quintilio by my side. Although last night’s drinks were only meant as a casual bonding session, we’ve already started sharing our hopes for the coming year. We look forward to continuing on the current board’s projects, building relationships between the other student boards, and, of course, implementing some of our own ideas. Naturally, we are also excited for the time when we can celebrate the start of our board year properly!

It’s currently a period of uncertainty for everyone. However, moments like this remind me that life will still go on and we will find a new normal. In the meantime, there are plenty of moments of beauty, like this one, to be found.

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  1. Dear Tallie, Iris, Rebecca, and Quintilio, Congratulations! I cannot wait to see you run Elliott coming year! As we all do, I miss Elliott a great deal. It is such a proud, beating heart of our community. Getting a sandwich, having a chat, or a good cup of coffee is part of my routine and always puts things in perspective.

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