Tasks and Election Procedure

With Common House Elliott being the social hub of University College Roosevelt, the Common House Elliott Foundation (CHEF) is in charge of making sure the student café stays clean and operational. As it is a private café, CHEF also ensures that they comply with regulations and uphold their permits.

For this reason, the Daily Board (consisting of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Operations Manager) is elected by a Board of Trustees rather than the student body. The Board of Trustees consists of former Elliott Board members, Faculty members, and external parties involved in the city of Middelburg, and oversees large financial decisions, gives advice, and signs contracts. This system ensures that the Elliott Board is trustworthy and capable enough to run an organization like Common House Elliott. Because this is such a demanding task, the Daily Board has a reduced study load.

Furthermore, the Daily Board is supported by four team managers for the Food Team, Bar Team, Facilities and Interior Design Team, and Mensa Team. They oversee all the volunteers, make schedules for volunteers, determine the weekly food and drink specials, make sure the facilities are up and running, and much more.

The Elliott Board of 2023 - 2024

Chair: Havanah Kim
Secretary: Lara Popović
Treasurer: Julie Minnaar
Operations Manager: Ian Besoux
Mensa Manager: Bella Miettinen-Garrett
Bar Manager: Anna Berno
Facilities Manager: Carmen Soukup
Food Team Manager: Fenia Makri