Join one of our students for a day at UCR

Join us in Middelburg to experience a day in the life of a UCR student. You’ll make an appointment with one of our students, join their classes and meet their professors. Take a look around the student housing to see where you might live in the future. You’ll also enjoy lunch in Common House Elliott and experience the fun in Middelburg.

Student for a Day applications open again in September 2024.

After sending in the form, we match you to a student with courses similar to your interests. Together, you set a date for a visit to Middelburg. You can participate in Student for a Day between September until November and from February until April, since classes take place then.

It may not always be possible to match your interests to a student who is taking courses in exactly those fields. We will try our best, but we cannot guarantee a perfect match. We are still convinced that even with a partial fit, you’ll still be able to experience UCR fully.

If you have questions or have not received a response within 7 days, check your spam and contact