Third year Politics & Economics student Ruben van den Akker

“I got the amazing opportunity to live, study and intern in Washington, D.C. for two months this summer. Via the summer program of The Fund for American Studies, I am interning at the American Financial Services Association Education Foundation (AFSAEF), and I am taking two courses (Economic Problems in Public Policy and Ethics in Leadership) in the evening hours at George Mason University.

My tasks in my internship include updating the foundation’s online curriculum in personal money management and representing the foundation at numerous events, one of which was on Capitol Hill (see picture). Via TFAS I have also had the opportunity to visit the State Department, the World Bank and the Headquarters of the Federal Reserve. On top of it all, living in a dorm with 19 Americans has allowed me to meet many great people as, with whom I explore DC during the weekends”.

Second year Literature, Linguistics & Psychology student Tallie Nikitchyuk

“This summer, I’m teaching English at a children’s camp. I’m teaching both kids (ages 8-12) and teenagers (ages 13-17) from all over Ukraine. I especially love classes with my older students; we’ve discussed everything from American and Ukrainian stereotypes to an episode of Black Mirror! I’m living in a small town in the Polish Tatra mountains with an amazing view of the sierra. I have plenty of downtime to explore, and I’m looking forward to seeing all that this area has to offer. This job has been a welcome challenge, and I’m so thankful to be here!”

Second year Pre-Med student Elseline Smith

“This summer I have a full agenda! 3 conferences (one in Germany, one in Belgium and one in the Netherlands), multiple friends visiting from abroad, 2 weeks holiday in Slovenia and a 6 weeks academic internship. I am doing the academic internship as part of my senior project at the St. Antonius Ziekenhuis in Nieuwegein where I get to observe what a specialist pulmonologist does, as well as assist in his research for the rare lung disease PAP (protein alveolar proteinosis). I must say it feels pretty special to be walking around in a doctor’s coat!”