The ‘Modern United Nations’ offers a new approach to the the classic Model United Nations (MUN). In MUNs, young people, in formal attire, negotiate and debate global challenges. One delegation is China, the other Russia, the third the USA. The ‘Modern United Nations’, in the words of project leader Barbara Oomen, adds something to the mix:

“What’s special about this event is that we will not only have country delegations, but also those representing other interests such as nature, future generations, companies and refugees. After all, they too have a stake in what happens to our planet.”

The training, delivered by UCR students and faculty from RIAS and UCR, pays attention to skills development, but also to the content itself. It emphasizes the Roosevelt family connection to Zeeland and focuses on Franklin Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Speech – the freedom of expression, of religion, and the freedom from fear and from want. The high school students will also learn how and why the UN would have received an International Four Freedoms Award in April this year.

The Modern United Nations, scheduled to take place on October 28th, is a highlight in a variety of events taking place in Zeeland, all related to the 75th anniversary of the United Nations on October 24th. The teaching materials developed for this project will be bundled in a book, and made available online, for future generation to use.

The initiative came about through cooperation between the Roosevelt Foundation, the V-fonds, the Province of Zeeland, RIAS, UCR and the Liberation Museum. The partners’ aim is to promote the Roosevelt legacy in Zeeland and beyond.

For further information and to follow some of the guest lessons of the Modern United Nations, please contact