With the introduction of the new Engineering program, a need for more teaching and lab facilities such as classrooms has arisen. These facilities will be realized in the Porthos building.

When the Porthos building is inaugurated, it will be given a new name that matches the Roosevelt name. This is already true for the current UCR buildings (Franklin, Eleanor, Theodore, Elliott).

UCR will start using the Porthos building from the 2020-2021 academic year.

The new Engineering program has been made possible with funding from the Regio Deal. The Regio Deal is a collaboration between central, provincial and municipal governments which aims to tackle regional issues.

Provincial executive Harry van der Maas:  “With Campus Zeeland we have been working on increasing the innovative power of the region as well as the realization of the Bèta Campus for a number of years now. The Joint Research Center will soon be the place where students at the vocational, professional and academic level, companies and government conduct research together. These developments also include the realization of educational programs for all branches of education. The introduction of the Engineering program at UCR is an important step in growing a strong knowledge and education structure which meets industry demands.” 

Alderman Chris Dekker: “I am happy that we have once more found a social destination for the Porthos building. The building offers space for UCR to shape the new Engineering program and I expect it will give a powerful boost to Middelburg’s profile as a student city.”

UCR Managing Director Jorrit Snijder: “As we broaden our range of courses to include Engineering we are strengthening the foundation of UCR, can offer our students even more options as they compose their curriculum and are contributing to regional issues surrounding water, energy and food.”