We are pleased to announce that de Keuzegids Universiteiten 2023 has awarded UCR its label ‘top opleiding’/’top-rated programme’. This is a big reward for all faculty and staff recognizing the great work they do with and for our students.

The guide is based on the National Student Survey for universities, which is a satisfaction survey among all students at Dutch universities, and looks at everything from quality of teachers and facilities to retention and quality of exams. This year, the consistency of our results in the main categories stands out. Retention is high, content, professors, and exams are all good. Outcomes suggest that we know how to offer academic quality and support to our students! Atmosphere and preparation for the professional careers result in an average score, we will continue to look into improvements in those aspects.

UCR is one of the 17 bachelor programs of Utrecht University that was awarded the label ‘top-rated programme’. The full guide can be ordered on keuzegids.nl.