During his time as Dean of UCR, Prof. Nieuwenhuis has worked to expand the curriculum by introducing 2 innovative themes (Sustainability and Data Science and AI). This made the curriculum more diverse, training students to become critical thinkers. Prof. Nieuwenhuis has focused Academic Excellence: “UCR has become great because of our collective dedications to educational excellence. Critical thinking, creativity, and an open view of the world create an environment that encourages students to be curious and innovative.”

Prof. dr. Henk Kummeling, Rector Magnificus of Utrecht University, said, “We are sorry to see Edward leave UCR at this early stage, but also congratulate him on his new challenge. Edward has been enormously committed to the quality of education and the sustainable development of the College, for which we are very grateful.”

Dr. Yvonne Kops, Chair of the UCR Board of Trustees said, “We congratulate Edward on his wonderful appointment in developing and leading Erasmus MC’s Center for Rare Diseases. We are sorry to see Edward go so soon, but respect that sometimes opportunities come your way that you must seize. The way the board is working towards the sustainable future of UCR gives us great confidence. We will continue the strategic direction we have embarked on. We also thank Edward for his great contribution to the innovative quality of academic education in Zeeland. Its value for our students and for society is great”.

In his new role at Erasmus MC, Prof. Nieuwenhuis will take the lead in further developing a state-of-the-art center for rare diseases. This initiative reflects his commitment to advancing medical research and addressing the unique challenges faced by people with rare and often complex health conditions.

Prof. Nieuwenhuis is excited about this new challenge: “this new role fits seamlessly with my passion for healthcare and is a perfect fit for me, even if it comes on my path a little early. I take on this role with enthusiasm and am convinced that the experience I gained as Dean of UCR will be invaluable in this new venture.”

The Executive Board of Utrecht University, together with UCR’s Board of Trustees, will consider the next steps for the management of UCR.