During their Senior Fellowship, they work on a faculty and/or university-wide project to further improve education, dedicate themselves to teacher development, and deepen their knowledge in the field of educational science. In doing so, they contribute to contextual knowledge of higher education. Successful completion of the program will culminate in a nomination for a position as full professor with a special emphasis on education.

Alexei Karas is Associate Professor of Economics at University College Roosevelt (UCR). Alexei is highly motivated and passionate about introducing data literacy across the curriculum for students from all fields. Alexei is considered a leading figure at UCR and has already held several leadership positions, for example as head of department and chair of the curriculum committee at UCR.  Alexei is an expert in both Economics and Mathematics and an excellent teacher, as evidenced by the Outstanding Teacher of the Year of the UU award in 2017 and consistent excellent teaching evaluations. He is constantly experimenting with new teaching techniques in his courses.

Harold Bok is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The ambition to continuously improve the quality of education forms the basis of all his activities in research, teaching, leadership, and organization. Harold is an excellent scholar in educational research with expertise in assessment. His teaching is highly regarded, he has inspired many colleagues in his faculty, has held various academic roles and positions, and leads several broad innovation projects, in his own faculty but also together with other faculties. With his project, he wants to explore new and innovative methods to optimize the synergy between learning and assessment within an educational culture focused on improving competencies.

With the Senior Fellow Program, Utrecht University aims to strengthen educational leadership within the Utrecht University by increasing the number of professors with emphasis on education. The program contributes to the visible appreciation for education and teaching and shows career steps in education are possible. The program also aims to promote innovation in teaching and learning and to increase the overall quality of education.

The program is renewed in 2017 and renamed in Senior Fellow Program (formerly Teaching Fellow Program). With these three new appointments, 10 Senior Fellows currently take part in the Program. Teaching staff can only be nominated by the dean of their faculty. The Executive Board has appointed an international selection committee to advise on the appointments.

More information about the Senior Fellow Program and the other fellows can be found on the website of the Centre for Academic Teaching. With questions, please contact Mirjam Bok, managing director.