Lange Noordstraat 48, 4331 CE Middelburg
Discover Elliott

Common House Elliott is the Social hub of student life at UCR. This is the heart and soul of our community and every student will visit Elliott at some point while studying at UCR. Elliott is completely student run and is a place where students come together for social activities or to study.

In Elliott you can find a Mensa, a quiet study area, classrooms, a bar, meeting rooms and more!

Elliott entrance

Enter Elliott from the front but try to leave your bike at home. You can recognize the building from the old 'Post- en Telegraafkantoor' (Post and Telegraph Office) banner on the facade.


The Mensa is the main meeting area in Elliot. Here you can enjoy a coffee or try the sandwich of the week! Meet with other students and enjoy some food together.

Study space

Next to the Mensa you can find a large quiet study area. This is a place where you can sit down if you really need to focus and need some peace and quiet. If you need a break, there's plenty of coffee near by!


Elliot has two classrooms that UCR can rent if needed. Classrooms have space for around 25 students and are also often used for meetings and such when there is no class scheduled.


Downstairs in Elliot you will find the famous bar! This is a place where students come together and have a drink or participate in social activities that Elliot organizes. Every Tuesday and Thursday night you can come here to enjoy drinks and some dancing.

Meeting room

Another facility that Elliot offers is that they have meeting rooms that you can use. They are great for discussing group projects or to do study sessions.